Aeration Services in Alamo Heights

When you look at your lawn, what do you see? If you’re like most of our clients here at Staccato Landscaping & Irrigation, it’s likely not a living, breathing thing. Yet that’s exactly what it is. As such, it likely needs much more attention then what it’s being given. Yet don’t worry; just like any living thing, it can talk to you. Yes, those brown patches and that crabgrass and thistle protruding from your lawn is it telling you it’s in a bad way. But how? You water it, mow it regularly, and feed it with fertilizer and herbicide throughout the year. Why isn’t it flourishing? Take a deep breath to get ready for the answer.

Prevent Carbon Dioxide Buildup in Soil by Aerating Your Lawn

That’s it. That breath. Or, more specifically, the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. The constant compaction that your lawn goes through throughout the summer – from your kids and their friends running around on it, your hosting barbeques on it, and you even walking on top of it while mowing - makes it difficult for the gasses produced by the grass and the soil to escape. As was said earlier, the grass you see in front on homes in Alamo Heights is a living thing. Therefore, it needs to be able to breathe and prevent carbon dioxide buildup in the soil.

Wait a minute; you likely remember from your 5th grade science class that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. While yes, your grass is producing oxygen, you are also constantly introducing extra carbon dioxide to it in the following ways:

  • • Mowing
  • • Watering
  • • Fertilizing

Yes, the very things you’re doing to keep your grass healthy can slowly turn it from carbon sink to carbon source. However, you know the aforementioned tasks are needed to keep your lawn healthy. So how do you achieve the right balance?

The answer is aeration. Using a plug aerator to create pours in your lawn not only allows the excess carbon dioxide that you’ve introduced to the soil to escape, but it also makes it easier for water and lawn treatments to penetrate to the roots of your grass. This allows for better absorption into the root system, which means less carbon dioxide is left in soil and more is converted into oxygen by your grass through photosynthesis.

Deeper Root Growth Equals a Heathier, More Attractive Lawn

While helping out the environment is nice and all, you concern is still with having a healthy lawn in Alamo Heights. The improved delivery of essential food, water, and air to the grass encourages deeper root growth, which leads to a greener, healthier lawn. Now, compaction is going to happen again over the summer. That’s why we here at Staccato Landscaping & Irrigation recommend a second aeration in the early fall to help improve the effectiveness of your final lawn treatment of the year before the grass goes dormant.

Let Us Help Make the Grass Greener on Your Side

You know it’s possible to have a happy and healthy-looking lawn in Alamo Heights. Your inability to grow one yet completely is likely due to your just having skipped the simple step of aeration. Not to worry; we here Staccato Landscaping & Irrigation are ready to remedy that. Through just two simple treatments twice a year, we can turn your lawn into the best on the block. To learn more about the science supporting aeration, give us a call at (210) 215-5121. Or, if you prefer, take a minute to fill out our online contact form, and someone from our office will get back to you.